Flowering Shrubs

These are some of our most popular varieties. Please call 903.838.5591 for current availability and pricing.

Abelia Ed Goucher

Abelia Flower

Abelia Kaleidoscope

Althea Lucy

Althea Morning Star

Althea Lavender Double

Althea Red Double

Gardenia Radican

Gardenia Bloom

Bella Anna Hydrangea

Endless Summer Hydrangea

Fire-n-Ice Hydrangea

Hydrangea – Blue

Hydrangea – Incrediball

Hydrangea – Oak Leaf


Hydrangea – Pink

Indian Hawthorne

Indian Hawthorne Blooming

Indian Hawthorne – White

Indian Hawthorne Clara

Oleander – White

Oleander – Pink

Texas Sage


Amethist Falls Wisteria